Hannam Vale Public School

By Learning We Conquer

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There is a Back to Hannam Vale Facebook group that everyone is most welcome to join – it has 190 members at the moment!

The group has been created to establish a database and communica te news about the upcoming 125th anniversary celebrations of Hannam Vale Public School in 2017. This will be only one means of spreading the word. Also, it provides the opportunity for members to catch up with former school mates, teachers and other members of the community.
Administrator is Nita Pont so send her a request to join if you wish to.
Facebook Page


At school the, organising committee includes Rhonda Craig, Michelle Dennis and Pam Everingham. Other very active committee members are Nita Pont (nee Cowan), Anne Campbell-Cross, Glenda Cross, Ross and Avril Brown, John Gillies and Lee Crutcher. There's a silent member or two that we'd like to make mention of, including Col Cowan, the McInnis family and Graham Kennedy.  All totally approachable.