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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program News


Term 3 Week 9

THANKS to Pamela Cabot and Peter, Christy and Isla Miller!  We had a BIG gardening session on Friday. Maintenance and reconstruction were on the agenda! We harvested Cabbage, Broccoli, Herbs, Kale, and Cos Lettuce! The Kitchen Zucchini Group cooked up Fritters, Cabbage with Indian Spices (Yummy!), Corn, tomato and avocado omelettes – using our eggs of course – and a delicious salad.










Yummy food









brussell sprouts






Term 3 Week 7

In the garden we harvested cabbage, broccoli, herbs, rhubarb, peas, spinach and kale.  We talked about the harvest, and how to harvest first.

Next we got busy with garden maintenance in the herb patches, and we are preparing to plant more pumpkins! In so doing, we dug out some composted soil from the base of the compost pile – it is phenomenal! Rich dark soil full of worms and little creatures! A great supplement for our pumpkin mound….

Others were involved in weeding and feeding the plants in the wheelbarrows!

Meanwhile in the kitchen students cooked up a great feast of Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni , Broccoli in a cheese sauce, Mini Quiches and to finish off Rhubarb Crumble…delicious!




Table setting



















Good Soil



Term 2 Week 10

Maintenance, plant identification and beautification were on the agenda. It was a great session, except for the first time, with as little as 10 minutes to go, I had to ring the bell, and get everyone off the playground! We had some really big wind gusts......despite the arborist's reports to say all is well, in the light of the pre-soaking and wind activity earlier in the week – working right underneath those big trees with leaf debris gusting about wasn't anyone's idea of fun.






We played a memory / matching game focussing on plant identification (lots of plants in our garden), we dug around our garden plants and began preparing for another mound of pumpkins!




One group popped another load of soil on that garden outside the garage; it could be a very useful herb garden!

Harvest included eggs, basil, coriander, cabbage, carrots and kale.  Sam, Mark and Ben got involved in preparing the pots for, and then planting kangaroo paw and Protea. These pots are replacing those we have at the front of the school, which are looking a bit worn out!!!
















Basil Pesto Pasta




Week 9

This week we harvested our pumpkin crop -  the weather has turned colder and we will be enjoying some yummy pumpkin soup!


pumpkin pickers



heavy load



pumpkins galore



fun in the garden







Week 8

Thanks to Pamela Cabot , Maria Trafford and Dennis Everingham plus our willing helpers, much was achieved in the garden this week. We harvested cabbages, basil, spinach and rhubarb! We planted beetroot, artichoke, strawberries and cabbage.

We maintained the vegie garden beds, raked up leaves  and revamped the wicking boxes... Dennis got very busy on the Tennis Court and cleaned up all the leaves, deciding to burn these, which made for a bit of smoke every now and then. However, as Mrs. Stevenson quipped, "better the smoke outside the kitchen and not on the inside!".....

 Katie-Rose again organised the craft part of the activities and did an excellent job. We have a spot for everyone's individual gloves!

The kitchen group cooked up lots of our chooks eggs and made a great looking (and tasting) cheese and spinach omelette.

 Kitchen group also made a delicious stir fry rice, and rhubarb tarts followed up for dessert! Yum!